Our concern is customer satisfaction !
Malbec Peristaltic Pumps is focusing on  ISO norms like ISO 9001 V2008 et ISO 13485 V2004. We are vertified ISO 9001 Version 2008 et ISO 13485.
We develop with our suppliers, a win-win relation framed by “quality” contracts which makes of them our strategic partners.
The continuous improvement is our permanent concern. So as to maintain this dynamic within Malbec, we develop our IT tools to keep close to any evolutions, to make it more effective and more efficient. In 2009, Malbec expands its commercial strategy on an international base to promote its standard range, as well as its full-custom know-how. This remains a priority for the company.
Our activity knew in 2008 an important evolution with the coverage of the sterilisation via its supplier Steriservice. Our willingness today is to perpetuate the control of this activity.
The preservation of our certificates is a major asset in our field of activity and implicates the full involvement of all our staff.
Chalonne, January 12th , 2009